Not Ironman

After a year of struggling really hard with running and training I took a decent break because I thought I was burned out.  Now that I'm back at it I realized I still have no energy.  That's been typical for all of 2019 but I didn't really think about it too much.  I'm overweight so I made assumptions.  I recently got a new doctor and after blood tests we found I have an iron deficiency, there are no iron reserves in my body. The solution is 3 months of (spendy) supplements.  Big shoutout to my benefits company for not covering them.

If you are a plant based female athlete (hello) apparently this is not uncommon.  I'm glad I know what it is now as opposed to thinking I simply can't run anymore.  Now I can fix it.  Symptoms include depression, very low energy, dizziness, increased heart rate and shortness of breath during exercise.  I had all of those but never made a connection.

I honestly don’t know if I can take on the races I have coming up. Today was particularly difficult, I couldn’t even walk 5k. To get through the work day I have to sleep for an hour at lunch.  I used to strength train and run at lunch, right now I can’t even face my yoga class.

I can’t wait to see some results. Any results.

Have you ever experienced this?


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