Virtually Spring

Everything is crazy, insane scenarios are unfolding globally, borders are closed and it feels like we’re in a really shitty movie.  I mean who would make a movie where Tom Hanks gets a virus?  The man is a treasure.

We can’t control other people, their actions or many of the situations we are finding ourselves in. Not being able to look or plan ahead - or even see an end - is excruciating.  I have chosen instead to focus on something I can understand and work hard at in the short term - running.  Obviously all my races so far this year have been cancelled/postponed.  Unusually and hopefully just this once, two very awesome races are offering virtual options. Pittsburgh is open for virtual registration until May 3 (date updated), and Cincinnati opens April 1.  I’m in for the 5k and Marathon (Steel Challenge) for Pittsburgh and likely the Half for Cincy.

It’s just a little thing but it’s a hopeful thing.  Both of these races did an excellent job giving their registered participants options after being forced to cancel and I want to support them in any way I can.  Plus it’s first aid for my mental state.

2018 Pig (how cute?)


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