April Snow Showers

They're not wrong.

It's still very cold and snowy here in Calgary, I can't remember if this is normal for April but it certainly feels a bit endless.  Last year we had flowers out on the ridge by mid month, I suppose they might just be under snow this year wondering what the hell is going on like the rest of us.

I've mostly been running to get through it all.  I'm lucky to have a treadmill, but I've also started running outside - I always run alone and it's been extremely blissfully quiet.  I ran 6 out of 7 days last week, that's a ton compared to last year.  Six weeks of iron supplements has made a HUGE difference, it's still hard of course but it's no longer impossibly hard.

My April and May races have been postponed, likely to the Fall so I have filled in with 5 virtual races.  The Cincinnati Flying Pig 3 Way and Pittsburgh Marathon Steel Challenge.  That's 2 x 5k, a 10k, Half and Marathon.  Plenty to keep me busy.  I will be adding those to my actual race totals (usually I don't with virtuals) so they will be done under race conditions.  Pittsburgh will officially be Marathon #14.

I'm also making progress on the 30 lbs I have to lose.  As of today I am 20 lbs off goal weight and as with everything else right now I'm just taking it one day at a time.  Quarantine minus 15 right?  Well why not.  I'm taking it back.

I have to share this great post from Jeff in PA: Running isn't over until we say it is.  It's exactly what I've been thinking.

Take care of yourselves.  Avoid social media if it's driving you nuts.  And the news.  Sometimes you have to switch off.


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