Running Revised

Slight change of running plans for spring/summer 2020:


Note: all of these are virtual.

I've really been struggling, mostly because I get through work and the day to day crap by having things to look forward to.  It doesn't seem we have that right now.  We mostly have panic.  I have tried to add some achievable short term goals to my existence.  Running virtual races salvages my remaining mental health and also helps with fitness and weight loss goals.  Did I tell you I have lost 10 lbs?  Probably.  I'll leave that there anyway.

Good things: I am doing 2 races I've never done and have wanted to do for a while (Flying Pig and Ottawa) and it costs less because I'm doing them right here.  Two of my races are typically held on the same May weekend so this is an unusual opportunity to do both.  I'm running Pittsburgh again when I didn't think I would be able to this year.  I have lots of things to keep me occupied.  I ran more in March and April than I have for a long time.

Not so good things: I don't get to see the cities/courses (maybe one year I will replicate my virtuals with actuals).  I will miss the incredible Pittsburgh crowds/scenery.  I've signed up for too much because I'm losing my mind.  I think that still might be better than overeating though?

If you're interested in something a little bit different, there are so many virtual race options this year - distances range from 2 km to 100 miles.

Running isn't cancelled.

Links to races:
SeaWheeze virtual
Flying Pig (Cincinnati)
Pittsburgh Marathon
Ottawa Marathon


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