Hello people who are at home, people who are at work and people who don't know what day it is.  We've seen a lot of this gorgeous area since we moved to Calgary 15 years ago but now that the mountains are effectively 'closed' I started thinking about things we haven't done yet.  Then I panicked because not being able to get to the mountains feels like a lifeline has been cut off.  Breathe.

We have trekked the trails in Lake O'Hara, Waterton, in both Glacier Parks (US and Cdn), Yoho, Banff, Jasper and  Lake Louise.  However.  I have 3 posters in my office, Mt Assiniboine, Lake O'Hara and Mt Robson and I have only visited one of those places.

So, here's my to-do list:

Mt Robson, Berg Lake trail.  BC.  In at number one with a bang, the entire trail looks spectacular.

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Next:  Moraine Lake area trails.  We avoid this area because I hate crowds, you can't park because crowds, there's a shuttle bus you need to pre-book because crowds, but damn it's so beautiful.

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Finally (for the moment) Mt Assiniboine.  BC.  Hard to reach, but I suspect worth it.

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Consider this a placeholder, plans for better times. The mountains are calling and alas I am stuck in Calgary having a breakdown.

Aren't they beautiful though?  Maybe we can have a little bit of hope knowing the mountains will endure.


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