Backyard Summer '20 - Chateau Lake Louise

I am replacing my first hobby of the year (cancelling all my trips and trying to get refunds) with a new one.  I am taking advantage of AB resident deals on hotels and touristy stuff I usually can't afford or can't book at short notice.  The first venture was a stay at the Chateau Lake Louise under the Together Again offer which included parking, breakfast and a 1 hr canoe voucher.  

After an effortless check in, we walked around and enjoyed every nook and crannie sans tourists.  It truly is a magnificent hotel.

At this time, only registered guests are allowed into the building.  Temperature checks are done whenever you enter which is surprisingly unobtrusive.  It's funny how we adapt to insanity.

This is the area by the main bar with the spectacular lake views.  Not. A. Soul.

We used our canoe voucher after finishing the Lake Agnes hike, we were one of the last boats out (5 pm).  The water was glorious.  A mountain goat watched us from Fairview Mountain.

Breakfast, which we ate by the window of the Fairview Restaurant, and the complimentary upgrade to a lake view room were the cherries on the icing on the cake.  Tranquility in a typically crazy area?  Priceless.

Up next: Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge. 


  1. What a great idea. I remember when I was living in Ottawa during SARS - there were the best deals on hotels in Toronto. So awesome. Wow that hotel looks amazing!


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