Cat Creek Falls - May 2020

15 km round trip including exploring      280 m elevation gain

The weather looked so good on Saturday we decided to do something easy and fun, something I could find the trailhead for and not get us lost on. We drove out to the south gate of Kananaskis on route 40 and hiked the closed road to Cat Creek Falls.  Most people were on bikes, that's something we need to add to the 'to buy' list.  

We had a great time checking out all the road signs at a much slower pace than usual.

The Cat Creek trail is just off the highway to the east, it's beautiful as soon as you enter the trees.  We had Prairie Crocus, Shooting Stars and a few other early Spring flowers en route.

We reached the Falls after crossing two new bridges (also good for sitting), quite a treat after all the hot road hiking.

It was amazing to have the entire place to ourselves for an hour.  Since this is only a 2.8 km return trail, it's probably crazy busy when the road opens in mid June.  

The surrounding hills are gorgeous.  As we left it got really busy on the road but there was plenty space.  I would definitely like to explore further on a bike.


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