Almost Race Day!

The 49th annual Calgary Marathon is coming up on Sunday, I ran my first 10k in this event in 2011 and it was my first ever Half in 2012.  It's a race I look forward to every year, usually with a hint of terror added!  This year I am registered for the Half again (Half #9) and it's the first time I have repeated the same distance in any event.

Bibs have been collected!  Look, we just missed lucky #87!

On Sunday I am going to go out and run my favourite race and I am going to give it everything I have to give.  Anything else just feels wrong.

I've been trying out my new shoes with a couple of small runs this week, all good things to report so far.  The problem with ITBS is I don't know how far I can run until I actually do it then have pain or that weird pressure/pulling on my knee.  I have been doing a lunge series from a video on Run to the Finish (THANK YOU Leana!) I just pop it up mid-morning or at lunch and run through them right at my desk.

I also tried out some ART (Active Release Technique) at the Expo tonight.  All kinds of good pain there!  Wow.

Good luck to everyone running in Calgary and everywhere else this weekend.  I am looking forward to a bunch of race reports from you all!


  1. I hope you had a great day today! I'm glad Amanda's tips on ITBS have been helping you out. How did ART go?

  2. ART was great, it's the first big difference I've noticed. I believe I will be back there!


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