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My marathon training was due to start last week and with the 15k I ran on Friday technically I did more than was required for a long run.  I'm starting to panic about the knee issue with the Calgary Half coming up next weekend (May 26).  Again, a 21k is ideal for that point in marathon training but I'm just not sure I can run the full distance without pain.  If I do run through it, am I causing more damage?

I have been on the internet a lot lately looking for ideas and it seems there is no 'solution' for IT Band problems.  Some people swear by stretching it out with the roller (I'm doing this daily) and others say it makes no difference as the Band is too tough to stretch out.  They recommend strengthening the hip area instead.

I saw my chiropractor tonight and he agrees we're not really making progress so he has recommended acupuncture (featuring something called cupping).  I have my first appointment on June 4th.

In the meantime I'll have to decide how to run Calgary, run/walk, run until there's discomfort then walk - I don't know.


  1. I had serious IT Band issues last year that I could not clear up...and then, on a lark, I changed shoes...and on the first run in the new shoes - I could almost feel the IT pain floating away from my leg...maybe you need different shoes...

  2. It cleared up just like that? That's the first positive thing I've read. I definitely need new shoes, been putting it off so I can research properly. Sod it, we're going shopping at the weekend. Was there anything different about your new shoes - greater support/stability etc?

  3. Heading to Gord's for a 'proper' shoe fitting - thanks for the suggestion Cori!

    1. Hope it helps. It did clear up like that. It was the funniest feeling...within the first km.

  4. Susan, I'm so sorry to hear you are dealing with IT band issues! Have you read Amanda at Run to the Finish? She's suffered from IT band problems in the past and has a lot of great posts on what she did to see recovery and rolling wasn't really helping her either. Take a look:

  5. Thanks Leana, I'm checking it out right now.


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