DietBet final Weigh-in (or 28 days later)

Today marks the end of the DietBet!  Hurrah!  I took my 'after' pictures this morning, though I struggled to recreate the 'before' shot as I had propped the camera on a bunch of very unstable shit and used the timer.

Here's my first post with a description of what it's all about.

The result is a 5.8lb loss from April 12 to May 12.  I'm waiting for the final results to be verified but it's an unofficial win!  My game goal was to lose 5.3lbs.  I had to reach 128.3 and I weighed in at 127.8!  I couldn't be happier, it's been a while since I saw those numbers on the scale.



I've noticed a big difference, especially around the middle.  I need new work pants which is a pain as I hate clothes shopping (unless it's for running/sports stuff).  My skinny jeans from a year ago finally fit me again!

April 12
May 12

Now I'm going to see if some of those good habits can stick.  I have a bit more weight to lose, so am I joining another DietBet?  ABSOLUTELY NOT!  That was enough stress for the time being thank you very much.  Now pass me a donut.


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