30k Inch by Inch

I did not want to run yesterday.  At the marathon nutrition session back in June it was suggested we try hot yoga for a month or so before Hawaii to get used to the heat and humidity.  Our second class was Friday at 8pm so on Saturday morning I had tired legs and arms and everywhere between.  I really enjoyed the class, perhaps just not before a long run.

Vanduzzi update!

I also had another Vanduzzi on Tuesday, one of two pre-marathon follow ups.  Believe it or not, it did not hurt that badly this time and there was no bruising. I can't tell you how much this has helped my ITBS.  Dr Kelly is amazing.

The 30k

0-5k 46mins
I gave up twice and actually turned around to walk home, sat on a bench pouting for 5 mins and somehow managed to keep going.  I detoured to add an extra hill at 2k (Showhome hill), possibly not the smartest move.

5-10k 42mins
When I got to 10k and realized how slow I was, again wanted to give up.   Had to tell myself it was better to keep going rather than do it all again tomorrow.  Plus we would have to pick up more Nuun.

Bridge to nowhere
10-15k 39mins
Got tired of the paved unending trail so branched onto a gravel path by the river, there were makeshift stepping stones to cross the river and various detours as the flood damage was extensive.  Finally feel happy running.

Start of the interesting section
15-20k 41mins
Halfway point just after 15k (and another hill) I have a break and Clif Bar, it's getting hot.  After moving off I have to top up my hydro pack and fight off a huge spider to reach the tap.  

Bridge with 2 missing ends at Mallard Point
20-25k 41mins
Clouds are coming over, hope it's not a storm like last time.  It's very busy on the pathways I pass 3 birthday parties at the picnic areas.  If I steal food will they notice?

25-30k 43mins
I have some of the potatoes I brought, I'll do that again.  Sometimes I just do not want gel.  By 27k everything hurts, my feet are absolutely killing me.  I add the Showhome hill in but there's no way I'm running up it.  Power hike!  I finish by running the last 2k continuously but slowly.  I don't have it in me to get below 7:30 mins/km.

Final time 4:12 pace 8:24/km.  6 hour marathon pace.  330 metres elevation gain.

I will continue the run/walk system on my long runs and during the marathon.  I had some knee pain after running hills during the week and if I add junk miles it just aggravates it. This means I'm only running 3 times/week.  I added cross training/yoga in place of the extra miles.



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