Vanduzzi #3

I had my last Vanduzzi/acupuncture appointment on Saturday, so did it make a difference?  Absolutely it did.  I have no pain at all when walking and I can run or hike a decent distance with only mild pain.  The cupping bruised less on the 2nd and 3rd treatments, but the pain didn't change much!  Thank you Dr K, you are awesome.  And thank you Dean Karnazes for putting the idea in my head that a combination of fire, suction and pain could be a good thing.

I also indulged in some shoe experiments: socks while sprinting around office - no pain, new Brooks Ghost - constant pain, trail Brooks - less pain, Nike Free gym shoes - no pain.  Now is not the time to try changing how I run (which is what the Ghosts were doing I think), so I am off out shortly for another pair of running shoes which are as close to the Nike features as possible (ie. minimal) but designed better for outdoor running.  

As they say - running, the most expensive free sport ever.

2 months to the Kaua'i Marathon!  My training has been half assed at best but if I can get a 20 miler in this month I will be happy.  Every day is an experiment.  

I'm still working from home as our building is still struggling.  After a week on a chocolate based diet I have gained 3 lbs so it's time to get my shit together.  We are heading out to High River tonight to help the animals.  I have been asked not to come home with 20 cats.  Last time we dropped off towels and walked around CHS we came home with Tess.


  1. Wow! I'm so happy that you're joining marathons again and totally back on track. It seems that acupuncture treatment has been really effective in relieving your pain. Hopefully, you're faring great, and that you aren't experiencing any pain anymore. Thanks for sharing that, Susan! All the best to you!

    Hannah Holland @ Berkeley Community


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