New Shoes & a 25k

From recent experiments I figured a pair of more minimal shoes might be better on my knee.  I canvassed my Run It Fast people then took a list of brands off to Gord on Friday night to try them all out.  Here's a note for future reference, when trying on new shoes there is a good chance you will be running in them so remember socks (check), a sports bra (nope) and don't wear jeans that fall halfway off your ass as soon as you move quickly.

I ended up with Altra Intuition 1.5s and my jeans halfway down my ass.

Since my other shoes were not working well, I figured I might as well just try them out for my long run on Saturday.  The Altras have zero drop from heel to toe so typically it takes some running style adjustment.  Except it didn't for me, they fit really well with how I run already.

There was pain to start, but at 5k it was better, then at 10k there was no pain, then at 20k still no pain.  

My knee was stiff throughout but holy crap NO PAIN!  NO PAIN!!  *happy dance*

I went ahead with a run/walk plan, splits were:

10k 1.22
20k 2.44
25k 3.33

The overall pace was 8:28/km including all breaks, walking etc.  It was getting hard by 25, I am feeling a bit out of shape right now.  It certainly gives you a good appreciation for the distance.  

Welcome to Fish Creek, we has the debris.

The storm on the horizon followed me back, motivation?  Right after I got inside and collapsed by the door the rain started.

I still have to figure out what to eat on these longer runs, I didn't get that one quite right (gel & Elevate Me bar).  I put Nuun in my hydration pouch and had that throughout.  Most of my water sources are closed/contaminated since the flooding so I'm trying to carry all the water I need.

I am so relieved I can finally run again.  With that 25k I am back on track with long run distance and have 6 more weeks to up it.  I am adding gym and yoga in along with weekday runs as I want to be careful not to re-injure myself.


Next weekend is Zombie Survivor!!  I will take the underwater camera and attempt to capture some of the craziness.


  1. EEEEEEEEE! Hurray! You'll totally be ready for Kauai now!!!!

    It was when I went from my 10mm Asics Cumulus to my 4mm Kinvaras that my IT band thanked me...I've been super curious about the Altras...


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