Forward Motion

It has been a crappy week in my head.  After the 18k then a fast(ish) 5k on Saturday I gave up on running 'my' marathon.  Then things really went to hell.  I compulsively ate through all the major junk food groups,   cheesecake, pizza, deep fried anything, chocolate.  Although I really do know better I was not for stopping.

Today I looked back at my 18k which took me 3 hours.  There was a bunch of walking and every single time I walked 'fail' lit up like neon in my brain.  If I can make my way with some kind of forward motion to 21k in 3 hours then complete the next 21k in another 3 hours I would complete the marathon distance in 6 hours.  Well shit, that's not a fail.  I will take that deal.

I have an injury, I have to be careful with it, I have to change my perspective.

So, my training over the next 7 weeks will be to try increasing my distance to 20 miles (32k) but with a system of run/walk intervals.  I'll try to beat myself up less. I get totally caught up in things being 'perfect', so frequently it's all or nothing everybody out the pool when something goes wrong.  Then I beat myself up, gain 6 pounds and realize I have to find a way to do it anyway.

Operation Run Walk or Crawl starts tomorrow.


  1. I have a feeling you will surprise yourself come race day and do that 6hr marathon and come back with a camera full of photos that you probably wouldn't have taken had you just visited Kauai and sat on the beach :) Enjoy the experience - and keep in mind that destination marathons are just active vacations :D

  2. I love how you always make me feel better :)


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