The summary:

The first 8k of the race was awful, I had no energy and felt like crap. I was in full on bite me mode. By the 10 mile split (half/full routes) I was doing better. I was not tempted to just take the half route.

Then the hills really started so I power walked them all, running the flats & downhills. Because of that (I think) I didn't hit 'the wall' in fact I felt pretty good over the last 10k and came in at 5:56:31, ahead of my 6 hr training pace.

Kev ran 4:48:52 and let's just say he didn't feel good at the finish.

Add in torrential rain, chafing hydro pack (due to rain) & hot sun and I'm delighted with the result. Did I mention 673 metres of hills? We climbed a fecking mountain.

Proper race report will come soon when I'm not using the phone to type!

I am spending the next week on the beach. Thank you for all the good luck wishes! They worked.


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