Post Race Nuts & Bolts (Mostly Nuts?)

Marathon, by the numbers:

First half (251m elev gain) 2:57:30
Second half (422m elev gain) 2:59:01

Fastest: km 36 @ 7:03/km  (48m loss)
Slowest: km 25 @ 11:10/km (79m gain)

Total elevation gain (and loss) 673 metres.  We started at sea level then eventually came back down after visiting lollipop mountain.

Other crap:

My poor feet, blisters in 4 spots and 2 toenail casualties, following that I took the skin off both heels hiking in the rain.  The big toenail on my left foot is horrible.  Will it stay or will it go?  Either way it needs to fit back into running shoes soon.  I think I had a blister under it.

If you're wearing a hydration pack and just a sports top, consider carrying a shirt to put on if it rains.  I took the skin off my back in 3 or 4 places.

Instead of eating all the food I took with me (Shot bloks, Clif bar, potatoes, Elevate Me bar), I mostly ignored it and ate food off the course.  Oops, that's a don't do right?!  Worked okay for me fortunately.  The Tailwind in my hydration pack was essential, almost worth the chafing.  I did not enjoy any electrolyte or sports drinks during training and this turned out to be a golden last minute find.  Zero stomach issues.

The Doctors

There were no problems with my knee during the race AT ALL! I still find this amazing after all those hellish months.  I'm sure we are all familiar with my whining :)  I have to thank 2 awesome people for making this happen:

Dr Kelly our Acupuncturist, the Vanduzzi queen (or cupping bitch as we affectionately know her).  That's not a marshmallow in the picture.

Dr K is also a triathlete, her shoe advice was spot on and her enthusiasm is boundless, she knew we'd do this before we did.

Dr DJ, our Chiropractor of 3 years.  We started seeing him just before our running started, perfect timing as he's been there for so many issues!  No matter what's going wrong we turn to him first.

Thanks guys!  You can find them both here.


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