Is 'Winging It' a Race Strategy?


January was a bit pants on the running front.  I've been training, mostly on the treadmill with a couple of speed repeats and long runs thrown in but nothing substantial outside.  I have also fallen on ice a few too many times, think slightly-heftier-less-elegant-more-sweary Bambi.

The Hypo Half is on Saturday and I'll be glad to get 21.1k in. 

Stay tuned for the race report next week so we can all see how it turns out.  Your guess is as good as mine!

It's Groundhog Day tomorrow!  What a brilliant tradition this is. We've been to Punxsutawney, PA for further investigation.  These photos are from 2008.  Phil evidently lives in his burrow in the library when not prognosticating.  That's my kind of job.


  1. Yes, "winging it" is a strategy. Just not a terribly good one, though better than nothing. Have fun in the race next week!

    1. It's a pleasure to have you here Keith! I certainly don't plan to make a habit of this particular non-strategy :)

  2. Looking forward to reading your race recap & seeing more pictures! I think Hypo Halfs are designed for winging it!


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