Maui Warrior Challenge

It's time to announce a 2014 race addition!  We had so much fun in Kaua'i last year we are doing something similar yet different and heading to Maui to take on the Warrior Challenge.  There are full and half versions:

Full - 10k and 1 mile race on Saturday followed by Full marathon Sunday.  Half - 5k and 1 mile Saturday then Half marathon on Sunday.  We are going to do the Half Challenge this time.  A person could go a bit mad and add the 5k or 10k to their schedule but the 10 starts at 6:30 am and the 5 at 8 am so you'd have to be ready for a quick bib change and fast 15k!

Your reward is 3 medals, 4 T-shirts and an excuse for a vacation in paradise!

I am in!


  1. hotdiggitydamn. sounds like a plan!!! September right? That will be lovely!!! so jelly

    1. Another example of using a race as a vacation excuse. I like this running thing! It is Sept 20/21 :)

  2. Replies
    1. It's a bit different from anything I've seen, looking forward to it!!


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