New Shoes, the D Word & Jackpot!


With the 12 hr race coming up I knew I needed a change of shoes for the second part of the day, something super cushioned and comfy.  After much research I chose Hoka Cliftons, they are a road shoe which despite appearances are super lightweight.  I went a half size up from my regular Pure Flows.  They got a great walking test as I wore them as soon as I bought them in LA and refused to take them off.

I treadmill tested them at the weekend, so far so good.  If the snow/ice abates I'll actually get outside for a run in them soon.  It's looking good for this weekend believe it or not!


So rather than lose the weight I had planned to, I gained a bunch more instead.  Instead of posting shaming pics of myself (already did that last year around this same time yikes) I have started to make small decisions that help the situation - example NOT eating chocolate vs. eating chocolate.  Simple right?  Shit.  We are not goingonadiet.  Nope.


5 weeks to go until race day.  I'm not horribly nervous but I probably should be.  Training is mostly getting in miles on consecutive days at a slower pace.  I will be walking, shuffling and running my way through 12 hours so time on feet is a good thing.  It's lovely not having to care about pace too much since typically with Run Less Run Faster training is extremely pace specific (and it will be next for the Calgary 50k).  This race will be a huge mental challenge.  I'm excited!


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