Running in the time of Cholera

Not to dwell on all the whining, I was sick the entire time we were in LA with some misbegotten plague or another.  Our first race was Christmas Day on Santa Monica Beach, I managed to get to the start but couldn't even imagine walking 5k so I bowed out.

Crossing on the bike path

The beach was spectacular, as we parked we saw the Santa Monica pier all lit up behind us.  It was awesome watching the excited runners gathering, they had a great turnout.  I felt kind of guilty and lost not joining them. You could say it was 'just' a 5k but we had planned a (fairly expensive) trip around the running and I'm me so I wasn't impressed.

While Kev ran I watched the sun rise.  It was surprisingly windy.  On the drive to the start we were dodging escaped palm fronds.

I got a chance to watch Kev cross the reindeer finish line in 3rd place with a new PR.  I love that shirt. Then I went back to my bed.

Christmas lunch was at Buca di Beppo in Santa Monica, magnificent fresh pasta which I am still madly desiring right now.  I finally found some energy after and we walked down to the pier in the sunshine.  It was crazy busy.  I had thought on Christmas Day it might be closed.  Nope!

When we got back to the hotel I laid all my running clothes out for the next day, I was determined to at least start the next race.  Separate race report to follow in a mo.

To sum up the trip, we spent more time than I would have liked in the room watching Harry Potter (Kev) and sleeping (me).  LA was gorgeous, the beaches were stunning.  It was sunny every single day.  I could see palm trees from my bed which was a bonus and the teeny Hollywood sign in the distance.

Venice Beach was walking distance from our hotel in Marina Del Rey, we made it down there on our last day (we had 3 full days away).  What a crazy place!  The guys working out at Muscle Beach gym were posing for photos when we walked back (for $$).  I loved all the madness.  Whenever we visit LA we see a different part of the city and I find it absolutely fascinating.


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