Operation Jack Half Dec 26, 2014

"If you can't see water you're lost"

Marathon left, Half right

Take a moment to read about Sam and Jack Felsenfeld.  This post on Sam's blog is especially moving.  And, if you get the chance run this race.

Dec 26

I am taking today in baby steps, so far I've got up, I'm wearing my running stuff and we have done the 15 minute drive to the parking lot.  I feel better than I did yesterday. Eating anything is out of the question so I have a pack full of Tailwind to get me through.  

My bib is on the dashboard and the sun is coming up.  The beach pathway stretches past us in both directions.  So, did I mention Kev is running the marathon?

We start directly onto the beach and head north.  I'm not checking my watch, just keeping up a steady shuffle with some walk and photo breaks.  This race is made up of a huge variety of runners, every one of them happy as a clam to be running on such a beautiful winter (!) day.

We turn east and run up the side of Ballona Creek, the sun is warm and I actually feel pretty good.  I am testing a theory that exercise helps everything, and it does for about a half hour.

As we head back onto the beach I no longer feel at all good, I'm pretty damn tired but still awestruck by the surroundings and the fact that it is really December.  I've passed Kev a couple of times and he looks quite fresh.  The marathon is a double loop of the Half course, everyone is so encouraging as they pass by including the soon-to-be marathon winners.

By now we have passed by the start line and the car where I dropped off my top, I thought I might be chilly but we are in California and the top lasted 1k.  As we hit the second turnaround the waves are high and the ocean is dotted with surfers.  Time for an extended photo break.  Would you look at this view!

Coming in toward the finish I pass a unicycle.  Hey I'm going to finish the race!  

Final time 2:50:48, I am so proud of that.  There will be other, faster days. Today I was part of an awesome race and I finished dammit!

I have time to sit and watch the runners passing, the car is parked in the perfect spot.  Kev passes for his final 4 miles then I manage to leap (stumble) out in time to catch him finishing.  He had a great run.

Despite running/shuffling for almost 3 hours my Achilles is fine, this makes me VERY happy.


  1. Wow, what a beautiful spot to run a half marathon! I hope your achilles continues to improve.
    All the best for 2015!


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