30k That Wasn't, Strength & Keeping On

Last weekend I had 30k on the schedule and I ended up doing nothing.  It was a shitty weekend actually, I overate junk food to an alarming extent and was not overly functional by the end of it.  I didn't even go outside on Monday.  Can food really affect you to that extent?  Well yes it can and once again I managed to forget that.  Try a Google search on 'junk food depression'.

I've added 2 strength/bootcamp sessions to my weekly plan and have just finished week 2.  My instructor is fucking awesome, she sets the bar super high so we give 'er and try not to expire.  This week was worse than usual after the weekend plus I put my speed training in between the 2 sessions so hello dead legs.  I did it and I'm glad I did it.  I can't say I enjoyed it.

After missing that long run I have revisited my marathon training and adjusted some of the mileage down a smidge. I will do 3 x 30ks instead of 4 and try to balance everything just a little better.  My 'between super long mileage' weeks contain races so that takes care of itself.

Coming up:

Sept 27 - San Jose Rock n Roll Half & 5k
Oct 11 -  Grizzly 50k relay (2 person)
Oct 25 -  Vancouver Rock n Roll Half & 10k

9 weeks = Vegas!

Hey, here's a pic I found of the Mr in 1999, it's our very first visit to Las Vegas!  Cute little bastard.


  1. ugh to the junk blues. get that run in this weekend?? when are the stregth classes?? I should look at woek and see if there is anything there....

    1. You should check out the fall schedule at work, there a TON of classes :)

  2. What bootcamp do you do? My 5 year long bootcamp instructor wound down her biz to be a full time mama and I've yet to find a new one I love.

    1. Hi Christine! Heavens Fitness on 11th Ave are my people, they are awesome. My work used to get them in for classes, but now it looks like that's done. Sad face.


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