California Here We Come

San Jose

I'm not ready to accept the end of summer so we're going directly to San Jose this weekend where it is still scorchio.  Yes please.  It will be interesting to try a remix challenge; 5k Saturday and Half Sunday.  Oh, and a Sharks game Friday but there's no bling for that.  At the end we pick up the remix medal then head off to San Fran for flights home the same day.  It's hectic, who cares, this is fun (*avoids eye contact with Visa/credit line*).

Race goals

Sub 30 min 5k.  I have yet to run a 'good' 5k this year.  Since my last race I've put in 4 weeks of speed work, 4 weeks of long runs and 4 weeks of hard strength training.  (So I'll probably be too tired to run fast).

Steady Half (under 2:30), technically it's part of marathon training so I don't have an aggressive goal.  If it's hot as balls I'll run by effort and drink all the drinks.  There's a bit of a time constraint as I need to finish in time to have a shower before check out!

Marathon Update

When I get back from SJ there's a lovely big 30k on the calendar (pained face) then Grizzly, then a 32k, then RnR Vancouver.  The initial plan of doing 4 x 30k runs is not happening for me and I've backed off from the intermediate plan.  This doesn't change my marathon goals, I want to go in energized and strong (not knackered). 

Thanks to everyone who used my RnR Vegas discount code, the thing went and maxed out which is really cool.  See you on the Strip!

Whispers; if you haven't registered for LV yet there's another code right over here.


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