The Grand Beakerhead Long Run

This weekend we decided to do our long run a bit differently. Calgary was in the midst of Beakerhead 2015 (essentially a celebration of art, science & engineering) which involved some fun outdoor exhibits across the city.  The plan?  Map out the exhibits and include as many as possible on our run.

Start: Eau Claire.  Route controller & keeper of the Garmin: Not me.

First objective: The Fabulist on St Patrick's Island.  There is a rather neat (steep) hill to be climbed to find this colourful guy.  He is equipped for interplanetary exploration!

Detour: Visit the weir on the Bow to add a bit of distance and a beautiful stretch of pathway.  This is a brand new route for me, much excitement.  Everyone is staring at my pants.  I'm entirely smitten with this outfit.

Second objective: Tri Anything, specifically the guitar astronaut near Fort Calgary. Two more are roaming Inglewood.  "An encouragement to dream". 

En route to three.  More new pathways for me, around the bottom of Stampede past Talisman heading west.  Quiet parks and so many trees, hard to believe we're in a city.

Third objective: Intrude.  The diversity of urban wildlife, specifically BUNNIES!  How awesome are these?  There are 4 bunnies in the park with the fifth one galavanting around Calgary somewhere.  I could hang out here all day.  I try to do that but we have to keep going.

This bunny reminds me of Snoopy doing a happy dance.

Reverse.  Back to the pathways and on our way north to Ft Calgary.  So much sunshine.  

Fourth objective: The Claw. A giant sandpit (behind us) and mechanical claw.  3 people are required to work together to operate the claw.  The wind was not helpful.
Vanna?  The F and K were in tempting close proximity on the ground so I moved away.
Final distance 20km, favourite part - BUNNIES!  We had a grand adventure to ourselves right here in Calgary.  Silly is good.


  1. What a fun & cool idea. The bunny is so cute!

    1. I found pathways I didn't know existed, pretty cool to change things up once in a while!


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