Marathoning the #StripatNight

If there's one thing I really love it's running in the dark, assuming the dark is also warm.  Unlike your typical early morning race, you have to maintain energy levels through the day then be ready mentally and physically to race after the sun goes down.  I like this challenge, plus running in the dark is kinda sexy.

Las Vegas RnR is an entirely unique night race however.  It's a bit crazy.  Have you heard?

Part of me is still wondering if it's feasible for a 5hr marathoner to deal with the crazy crowds and manage cutoffs, I've read a few race reviews that didn't go well at all.  

The smart thing to do would be to run the Half and enjoy yourself, right?  Okay good, so let's run the Marathon.

Here are my goals (no change from July):

A  -  Sub 5 hours 
B  -  PR (under 5:15)
C  -  Make the cutoff points and finish 26.2 (finishing a marathon is always magical)

On that note, I created a basic survival plan for next weekend:

Carb party every day in my belly until the day before the race.  Eat fat & protein the day before and day of the marathon (last big meal around 11am), your body will use those added stores right away.

Read and reread the race plans, transit options, cutoffs, route, plan outfit, obsessively check the weather.  Plan, plan, plan.  Remember, this race starts warmer and cools off.  Different clothing plan.

Do not attempt to PR the 5k the night before.  Repeat after me shakeout run.

This race is HUUUGE.  Be prepared for congestion from the get-go until the marathon splits.  Plan the race strategy in 2 halves, treat each one differently.  Crowds & neon vs dark & quiet.

Don't fight all the craziness and hectic energy on course, embrace it, use it as a distraction.  I bet I'll see things in this race I may never see anywhere else on the planet.

Be positive, run the km I'm in.  No freaking out over distance.

Think about eating all the good things after the race, we're in Vegas!

I love running around Vegas and this particular event is pretty special.  During the Running Elvi spectacular of 2012 we had all the fun, this time it's about the work (see, that sounds crazy).  I am going to report back on every detail of the Strip at Night 26.2.  Yikes!  Send luck.


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