Rock n Roll #StripatNight Las Vegas 5k Nov 14, 2015

We're fairly to completely disorganized for the 5k, it just snuck up in the afternoon so we get ready in approx 15 minutes then drive down to SLS where parking is easy in a lot put aside for the race.  It's a very short walk from the lot to the start via the casino which has direction signs for '5k' posted throughout.  That's kind of funny.

There's a big neat area where everything lights up and changes colour and whatnot where I run into my friend Brandi. She's also an Inknburn Ambassador, she always has so much fun and I've wanted to meet her properly for ages! We're not actually green though she is actually Elvis.  

The evening is still and fairly warm, it's perfect for a run.  As we enter the grounds, we are all handed these awesome glow thingies.  (Mine is now here at home being used as a cat toy).  

There's plenty time for bag check, visits to the largest indoor race bathrooms I've ever seen and to get into corrals.  Originally I was going to race this and enjoy the Half the next day, but that changed to 5k shakeout then Marathon so I move back a couple of corrals.  Kev is further ahead and still has issues with walkers ahead of him, in corral 1.

Mary Joyner sings the anthem, it is absolutely remarkable.  Off we sorta go, my first km involves stopping completely due to traffic on corners and dashing between walkers.  This is good though because it's a shakeout run.  After a few twists we run an out and back behind Circus Circus.  I pass Kev, Meb, some Elvi, Barefoot Elvis and a lot of flashing lightsticks.  (Yes, sometimes people are dropping the lightsticks and they are getting tripped over).  

We head back into the grounds, I am really enjoying this run.  There's another set of twists between glowing inflatable things and under glowing inflatable arches.  The very last curve takes you past the stage then we have 0.5k to the finish.  Since I've been running easy I sprint in to the line.  I like that part A LOT.  

Ashley our RocknBlog angel intercepts me with my shiny new medal, how awesome is that?!  Here's the vid!

I run 30.11 and have all the fun, Kev sets a new PR of 21.07 (and beats Meb).  

We stick around for Matt and Kim, they are pretty damn awesome.  I quite like the part where Kim accuses us all of waving cheap looking light up dildos at her.  

*As a member of Rock n Blog I was given a Tour Pass for 3 2015 races, however all opinions, thoughts and super funtimes are 100% my own.


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