Rock n Roll AZ!

It's a bit crap when 'the big race' you trained for is over.  There's probably a term for the post race sads that sounds a lot better than that does.

I had a tough race in Las Vegas but it really was awesome.  I love learning from hard races; getting stronger, working harder.  We need them to see that our limits are not where we think they are. There's not one thing about it I would change; it was unique, challenging (thanks Mother Nature), and damn I finished it.

I have taken two weeks off running to heal a persistent (and annoying) shin pain, it's still hanging around but I managed 5k pain free on Saturday so hurrah and onward.

Wouldn't it be awesome to take on another marathon instead of gaining all the winter holiday weight?  I THINK SO!


I give you Marathon #5...

This 26.2 looks prettay good, the marathon has a separate start line and course from the Half, it's in AZ where it is not freezing in January, it's daytime, there's a cool finisher jacket, entertainment, 2500 mara finshers and all the RnR things!  Sold.


Execute a solid fueling strategy, keep energy up.
Mental toughness, no meltdowns.
Time is not a goal.  Chasing that missed PR is a recipe for tough times.
To sum up all of those -  Run Happy!

Kev will get a chance to run his own race this time (poor bugger!) and I can find my running happy place amidst the cacti.

Over this year working with Rock n Roll and being part of RocknBlog I have loved and become quite addicted to their races and I am excited to kick off a new year with another one.

Medals?  It has nothing to do with these medals.


  1. Ooh I would love to do this marathon but I am not there yet in distance :( Good luck!

    1. I will do anything to go somewhere warm at this time of year, even run a marathon! :)


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