Rock n Roll LV Expo #StripatNight 2015

This is our third trip to Las Vegas this year, oh my.  The middle one nearly wasn't for a race then it ended up being for a race.  Of course it did.  We ran Jackpot 12hr in Feb, ET in Aug and now it's Strip at Night time in Nov.  I'm most nervous about this one.

We had some fun before the race festivities kicked off, this is probably my favourite.  Kayaking Black Canyon with a few hot spring visits.  Oh yes.

The Expo

After a full day of kayaking and a hastily grabbed Jack In The Box we had a bit of time to run in and pick up bibs.  After we eventually found the right hall (convention center be huge) parking was available and free.  Pick up for bibs and T's was super easy with no line ups at all.

I had to finally meet my awesome friend George!  Somehow we keep missing each other.

There were a few booths I wanted to check out, especially Momentum.  I love these wraps.  I also picked up a Bondi Band made for LV (I wore it for the 5k) and a couple of shoe charms.  All in all I was quite restrained.   Can someone fix our dollar please?

This is a big race and it has a big expo attached.  If you're looking for any kind of 'a running thing' you'll probably find it here.

This is an attempt to be organized back at the Palazzo, the Brooks race T's are really nice.


We met up with RocknBlog for shenenigans and gatherings the next day.  Thanks to Meghan for some of these photos.  I can't entirely remember what came from where!

Jen, Me, Meghan, Tina & Emily

We even made a video!

It has been an incredible year working with Rock n Roll.  Now it's time to end 2015 with a bit of Vegas and a marathon, hey why not?!


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