At the start of 2016 INKnBURN launched a new club where members could purchase limited release items not on sale to the public. This is completely separate from the Ambassador program and closed at about 330 members. January and February items have included a pullover and shorts for both men and women which is exciting since this is the first guy pullover I've seen and we definitely need some more guy InB shorts in the world.  As a member you can buy 1 item per month but of any gender/size so you can fight with your significant other if you only purchased 1 membership (raises hand).

An initial $175 got you membership for 1 year plus a mystery black box. 

Here are the contents of the box...

I love the log bag because this:

The box in itself is worth the membership fee. The club tech shirt is gorgeous and colourful, perfectly InB. I'm not a Star Wars fan though so I sent BB8 to a more appreciative owner.

Exciting times at INKnBURN!


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