RocknBlog 2016!

I had a whole bunch of fun with Rock n Roll in of course I applied for RocknBlog 2016.  I am happy to report that IT'S ON for another year!

In 2015 I ran San Francisco (Half), Portland (Half), Dublin (Half & Fun Run), San Jose (5k & Half), Vancouver (10k & Half) and Las Vegas (5k & Marathon).  I set a new 5k PR in San Jose and a new Half PR in Vancouver.  I met a lot of amazing people and located my missing running mojo.

What's up for 2016?

This year RnR included a Global Tour Pass so I can run unlimited Rock n Roll races anywhere ALL YEAR! Remember how I wanted to pay down the credit line?  Nevermind.  My current thoughts are:

Arizona - Jan 16/17   Done!  5k & new Marathon PR.
San Diego - June 4/5  5k & Marathon
Vancouver - Oct 22/23  10k & Half
Las Vegas - Nov 12/13  5k & Half

Discount code!

You can use my current code RUNWITHSUE for $15 off the Half/Full in New Orleans and DC 2016, soon to be extended for other races!  Watch this space.


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