Hypothermic Half Feb 20, 2016

The forecast was for -1 but it's actually -6 with wind chill of -12 and freezing fog, I should probably have worn more layers on the bottom.  I hate feeling restricted when I run so I've gone with robot capris and compression socks for the win.  The conditions are still infinitely better than in 2014.

Hypo is a small race split into morning (9am) and afternoon (12pm) waves, parking is easy, indoor bathroom queues are short and Fort Calgary is lovely and warm before we go out to start.  This year the route takes you out from Fort C, across the Stepping Stone bridge then a direct out and back to the west.  This avoids a lot of the typically icy sections.

Before we cross the bridge I see Sophia who is volunteering, hurrah!  Since I don't have a time goal I plan to put out a hard but sustainable effort.  Based on the lunch runs I did I thought I'd have more pain in my calves but actually everything feels fine, maybe it's the socks?

We pass 5k then there's a bit of a slog to the turnaround.  Parts are hard then my mind wanders or I get distracted and keep moving on.  I've been leapfrogging another runner who asked me what pace I was doing and of course I have no clue, so we find this funny. I pass the lovely Tara and we loudly remind each other of brekkie awaiting at the end.  It's all about the food.

I hit halfway at 1:10:30 then we're heading back.  Every km has a marker, it's nice to focus on these little red blobs as you approach then click each one off mentally.  There are a few teeny ice patches on the pathway, nothing bad.  Pretty amazing for February actually.  It's tough but we're over halfway done, then past 15k, then past the Peace bridge.

I walk a couple of times after km 18 as I need to stretch out a bit and before you know it we're turning right onto the Stepping Stone again.  Hi Sophia!

Final time 2:23:15.  I am really happy with this, especially early on in another round of marathon training for Pittsburgh.

There's a yeti medal and chocolate milk at the end, fantastic.  I am pretty stiff so I sit on the curb until my arse freezes (about 3 mins) then I head inside to find Kev and Tara.

Hello fresh scones and all the food, this is the bestest part.

Our third Hypothermic is in the books.

Here's a close up of the medal, it is textured!  Well played sirs.


  1. What would happen if you actually ran a true hypothermic race? lol we were so lucky this year. Nice work. Keep running!

    1. Gawd, I ran the Santa 5k in -30 one year and frankly that was long enough!


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