Gamechanger - INKnBURN skirt review

I've never owned a running skirt but I kept getting drawn to the Ryu design so before INKnBURN ran out I ordered it (I guessed at size 8). It felt right as soon as I tried it on so I wore it for the SD RnR Half, that was great, then I wore it for the Seattle RnR Marathon, perfect, then I did 10 hours of trails in it. 

Awesome things that happened:

The inner shorts did not ride up (winning!)
Nothing restricted my legs, the slits up the skirt sides allow full movement
When it rained the material did not absorb water
It dried fast - helpful in Seattle and during the trail downpour
I had stretchy pockets on both sides for stuff
My thighs did not chafe
Actually nothing chafed at all
The skirt looked cute (also important)

Just so we're clear I do have the 'athletic' thighs, they rub together when I run.  It's a thing.  I can run in shorter shorts for 10k max, and with plentiful Glide.  I get quite uncomfortable when I feel friction happening.

This is why I'm so damn delighted with these.  Plus the designs are gorgeous, I love vibrant colourful clothing.  The top layer - the skirt portion - is incredibly soft and light, you don't even notice it being there.

So what happened next?

I ordered more, like lots more.  This skirt is now my go-to for anything and everything fitness or running.  New designs are introduced frequently, check them out

I'm usually a medium in Nike shorts, 6 or 8 in InB shorts and the skirt size 8 is perfect for me. I am a 6 in 'normal' clothes. Note: I have thighs. 

*INKnBURN did not request or compensate me in any way for a review, I just wanted to share how happy I am with the product.  I am an ambassador.


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