The Weekend - Prairie Mtn (and a kitty pic)

Training does not have to suck, and since a lot of our current training is mountain based we are definitely enjoying this journey.

I'm not sure how in all hell a person is supposed to feel 'ready' to take on 100k, but we're doing our best to get used to elevation gain and loss alongside keeping up our distance running on roads and pathways.

These views are from Saturday on Prairie Mountain, a quick 700m elevation trail closer to home.

Next week we're looking at a longer trail with decent distance and time on feet, so if the weather could sort it's shit out that would be just dandy.

The rest of the weekend was spent playing with the kit, she had a little haircut to get rid of the matty bits on her back and is much happier with life in general.  She looks a bit bedraggled though.  Wee thing!


  1. Training for a 100k is so impressive - I really can't even wrap my mind around running such a distance. Kudos to you for taking on the challenge :)

    And I love the kitty pic - she looks super soft!

  2. She is very fluffy! Little bit fierce on the side though :)


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