Mid Year Goal Progress

Let's revisit the 6 main goals I set myself for 2016!

1. Run a marathon 

I have run 3 this year, Arizona, Pittsburgh and Seattle.  One was a PR, I drank beer in the next one, and I actually enjoyed the whole of the last one.  My 'A' race of the year was Pittsburgh and I did not get the result I wanted from it which is disappointing.

2. Run my third ultra

On the horizon for early September. I picked a big scary buggar, the Lost Soul 100k.  I'm terrified but that's the point pretty much.  Second guessing this decision daily.


3. Deal with the credit line

By 'deal with' I think I meant 'pay off'.  I got it down slightly, then it sat there looking at me with no change.  The positive - it has not increased. The Cdn/US exchange rate is still crap and I still have no self control when the possibility of a trip comes up.

4. Mindful eating

Yes, a little bit, to the extent that I do know how things will affect me and I control that better.  I have gained weight and I've still got a long way to go with this.
I mentioned I rarely drink at the start of the year, then proceeded to drink my way through Pittsburgh and it was awesome.  Kicking back with friends fucking rocks.

5. Little big things

I have met, and have really enjoyed meeting, a lot of people through running this year.  While I'm still a big awkward mess socially I feel happier in group situations.  Sometimes you don't realize how many positive kind people are around you, with a lot of the same problems and thoughts you have.  I feel so much more balanced and upbeat after my recent race weekends.

6. Keep good fitness habits going from 2015

Yep.  I'm still strength training weekly, I added in Cize for a few months and I've been running consistently.  I'm failing at the weight part after gaining in the last 2 months.  Now to keep it all going as I move from road marathon to trail ultra training, and work on weight (sigh).  I do not want to be lugging extra pounds anywhere, never mind over 100k.  I'm trying out Barre on Monday, I'm excited about that.

If anyone has links to 100k posts/reports/articles (especially from back of the pack runners) please leave me a note!  

I'm linking up with Ange and Carmy to talk about goals today!


  1. Thanks for linking up Sue! I've been working on mindful eating too. I'm so bad at snacking when there's food in front of me!

    1. It's definitely a work in progress that's for sure!


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