12 Notes for 24 Hours

It's a month until my first 24 hour race, Beyond Limits Running's Jackpot weekend in Las Vegas. This is my 5th ultra start, only 1 has been outside Nevada so far (and it was my only DNF). Yeah I like it there quite a lot, it's typically warm and Vegas has all the things and then some you may need for recovery and/or celebration.

12 notes for 24

I don't have to worry about time cutoffs and technically completing just one loop takes away the possibility of DNF.  Both good things for my brain.

There are different ways to gauge success in a timed endurance event, for example moving forward as much as possible vs a set distance goal.  I like the perspective shift.

Fueling is easier when you're on a 2.something mile loop.  I'm going to stick with Nuun and real food the entire race.  We'll have a cooler at base camp and also race food at the aid station.

Hokas are happening (2 pairs of Cliftons) and many socks.  I'll wrap my feet if I feel any blister issues cropping up.  As we're on a short loop I can do this quickly.

I'm packing colourful fairy lights to put on our stuff at night so we can find it.

By 9pm on Sat we'll be on course with only the 48 hr and 100 mile runners. The 12 hr, 6 hr and marathon will be done.

I'm not taking a Garmin, I'll have an idea of how much distance I'm covering every 3 or 6 hours and go from there.  There's a board with lap details by the timing mat.  27 loops = 100k.

Cher is playing on Sunday night but I don't want to risk buying tickets then being in a state and unable to get to the show.  This is a first world problem.  But it's Cher.

When I did the 12 hr I was able to check tweets after the race to see where I was at and when, I also dropped my phone a number of times trying to type.  Same again?

I'm taking a handheld and my hydration pack so I can change it up.  Short breaks will scheduled to tie in with food, the race has pizza at 9 pm (pizza break!) then soup overnight.  BLR takes very good care of us.

Will I get tired and fall in the central pond?  Probably.

I'm glad there are so many different types of races out there, it enables you to refresh your challenges and your mindset year to year.  Running = never a dull moment.

It's going to be very different putting in 12 tiring hours then keeping on moving until 8am the next morning.  I'm interested to see how I handle that.  Watch this space, or the Twitter on Feb 18/19.


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