2017 Goals

I'm looking at 3 big goal races for 2017 and this is the year I am determined to hit 100k at least once.  It will be at a different race from 2016 since there are new time cutoffs there.  Meh, there are so many - can't do 'em all!  I have one in mind for the fall but it's still a work in progress.  It's bloody exciting though, I hope we can get it to happen.


Complete 100k in a distance race (TBD) and within my timed event (Jackpot).
Run a strong marathon (Pittsburgh).
Get stronger/faster on trails.

Happy Weight

I want to hit 'feel good weight' in the first 8 weeks of 2017.  After that, maintain that weight throughout the rest of the year.  I have a thing I call 'Pittsburgh marathon weight' which is where I seem to fetch up (133) when I can't hit my goal (126). FYI I'm wayyyy off either of those right now.

The Basement 

There are still packing boxes down there from our move 4 years ago plus I'm certain I saw a stone thingy from our Mexico trip 10 years ago. I need to de-clutter. We are going to install a treadmill in the corner, this project involves wiring plugs in then setting it up.  I would like to have a little fitness space around the TM where I can put race medals, weights etc.

I'm calling that good enough, I plan to keep things simple in 2017.  Going forward I might add smaller monthly goals to my year.

If I was going to pick a theme for the year it would be Strong AF.  Mental and physical.

Shall we get started?


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