Back to Training #GameOnPGH!

I had a couple of weeks off with bonus flu after my last race and I'm now 2 weeks back into Pittsburgh Marathon training. At this stage I'm taking it easy with a gradual increase in long run distance - 5k/10k/15k before getting into the 20k/30k+ runs.

Last week I started speed repeats and this week I'm adding in a hills day.  I'm already back at strength training and zumba. I must admit I like having it all planned out on a spreadsheet, it's much easier to focus.

I think I over trained for the 2016 race and found I was really tired on the day.  This year since I also just completed 100k I'm going with a lighter training schedule.  No double workout days.  It's important to go into a race feeling energized and ready to take it on.  At this stage I'll see how training goes and revisit my marathon goals later.

Apart from quite a bit of skin coming off my feet (sorry) I haven't had any problems so far.  I'm very pleased to be back in my Brooks PureConnects (the tragically discontinued ones).  After long slow ultra training, it feels good to get some faster runs in.

On the bling front, there's a new Steel Challenge medal for 2017 which is awesome.

I do enjoy the surprise of seeing my medal for the first time on race day but this is a nice treat in advance.

So, back to the hard work.



  1. Wooo! Glad to see you're getting back at it and very glad to see you rested :)

    1. Thanks Kyle. I'm enjoying getting back into training, the race will be here before we know it!

    2. Ha, that's usually how races go ;)


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