Sunshine, Yogurt, Zzzzzzz

Here we are near the end of another one.  Today I'm cleaning a few random thoughts out of the far reaches of my brain.  It's good therapy, join in over at Running With Spoons.

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That could be my entire post.  The race last weekend was the final straw on the knackered wagon.  That doesn't even make sense.  Sorry, I'm too tired to make sense.  I skipped some training this week and feel extra shitty now.  But wait!  Exercise energizes you and makes you feel better!  Oh buggar off.

I work downtown which has a lot of benefits - pathways by the river, shops, food.  This week I've been noticing that pretty much everyone is smoking out there and it is awful.  Can we pop smokers into little bubbles so they can enjoy their own second hand smoke?  Really, go ahead and smoke IDGAF, but do please get the everloving fuck away from me.

Vegas was spectacular on our last trip but a little rainy which has me set on (obsessed with) booking a summer trip in the sweltering heat - probably July or August.  I love the heat and the sun, love it. We will try to include some kind of running thing I expect.

Things I put in my face this week that are amazing:

Fiasco Gelato I have the love for you

SO GOOD and surprisingly not awful for you.  The fridge is now stacked with yogurt.

If you have any tips or ideas on energy levels, please let me know.  HOW DARE YOU SUGGEST I EAT A VEGETABLE.

Here's a motivational picture from my knackering race, I made it because I had feelings after.


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