Run For L'Arche Half March 25, 2017

This is a small annual race that supports L'Arche Calgary, and it is always beautifully organized.  I would be happy to run it regardless but they insist on spoiling us with swag anyway.  The hand coloured bookmarks are just lovely.  Such a personal touch.

The race starts at 10am (awesome) so we have plenty time to get up, feed cats then head downtown.  It's a Saturday which is my favourite day for a race with Sunday to recover (more awesome).

Go Time

I thought I would feel more energized but I find I'm pretty short of breath from the start. Okay then.  For the first 4 km I alternate thoughts of quitting with throwing my Garmin in the river.  

There is always a magnificent cheer station on the course and this year is no exception.....

It's a beautiful day to run, the sun is mostly out and we have spring temperatures, but I am not having a good day.  Every km is a struggle between finding my breath and dealing with upper body pain.  I'm not sure if this is lingering from my recent flu-plague-ebola.

I make it to the turnaround and actually have a couple of decent kms as we head back.  After that it's just a case of hanging on and keeping the feet moving.  It's such a relief to see the 17km marker (near the Minions).  Having done a couple of long runs on the TM my legs seemed to have a clue what pace they should be moving at, but the rest of me is dysfunctional at best.

The volunteers out on the course are fantastic. It's just not happening for me today.  I'm delighted to see the bridge to Princes Island appear and head off to the finish line.  2:31:22.  I'm extremely happy with that, it's my long run marathon training pace and a win.  To be fair, I don't think I had a better race in me today.

This is a fantastic event, this was my third time running it.  It fits in perfectly with spring marathon training.  I do however, hope to be less purple the next time I take it on.


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