Vegas and Ebola

I haven't started my race recap from Jackpot 24hr yet though I am downloading photos right now so that's a start (right?) In the meantime I'm linking up with Amanda at Running With Spoons for all the good random stuff.

Since we got back from the Vegas trip I managed one entire day at work before getting the flu. I'm still coughing and quite dizzy a week later, it's crazy.  I never get sick.  Looks like something finally caught up with me.  Thinking of all the stuff I'm getting behind on is a bit overwhelming.  Let. It. Go.

While I was lying in my bed I got some great news from Rock n Roll:

I'm back for my third year with Rock n Blog - hurrah!  Now I have to look at planning some races.  I've been checking out Chicago for a while so watch this space for registrations.  Unfortunately they had to cancel the Vancouver event which I really enjoyed the past 2 years, but there are still soooo many races to choose from.

While we were away we finally got a chance to check out Seven Magic Mountains.  This is something I've had on my list for ages.  It's a very striking exhibit plonked in the middle of the desert.

Although typically I prefer natural stuff this was very cool.  It's only a 30 min drive south of Vegas.

We also visited Valley of Fire for more natural beauty.  This is a fairly new short hike to the Fire Wave which I had never done before.  Stunning.

Ah Vegas I love you.  I'm going back to bed, I need my drugs.


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