34 Days to Marathon #GameOnPGH!

I 'only' have two 30k+ runs on this training schedule, I'm trying to balance quality training with not wearing myself out.  The first one was this past weekend and I made the decision to run it on the treadmill.  When I ran my last marathon PR (Arizona) all my runs were done on the TM, mostly because the race is in January and it is all out freezing here.  My theory is that I can train my legs to run a consistent pace on the TM.  All remaining long runs in this marathon cycle will be outside.

So I'm pretty happy to get that one done.  Running in the same spot for almost 4 hours is a little challenging mentally.

I read that perhaps your longest long run should be no more than 4 hours long regardless of the distance you cover (injury risk vs. benefits), but that's another discussion.  If I'm likely to be out for around 5 hours on race day I think I'm fine with a couple of 4 hour training runs.

What's left?

4 more training weeks!

I plan to speed train and hill train each week, long runs are 21/33/21 kms then I have a 10k trail race to wrap things up.

After the 33k I'm going to see how I sit with my race goals.  I'm definitely leaning toward enjoying my third PGH Marathon rather than setting ambitious goals (like these?)

By the way, I've been looking for black/yellow socks for years so I was delighted to see exactly that from Pro Compression.  Compression socks designed just for the Pittsburgh Marathon. Big win!  Can I call them socks of steel?


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