Race Addition!

We have visited Las Vegas for the last 3 years to run ET but it was crazy pricey this year since ET falls on our August long weekend.  We were still determined to book a trip during the scorchio months, and of course it should include some kind of race right?

Triple Dare Running has this challenging little ordeal happening, 3 races over 2 days - 7 pm Fri/7 am Sat/7 pm Sat.  The average high temperature for Las Vegas in early July is 106°.  There's a choice of 7 km or 7 miles for each race, all on trails. I'm doing the km version, Kev will be running the miles.

I can't wait for a nice relaxing trip with some fun (and insanely hot) trail running included.  As I'm writing this we have snow falling outside.  No more cold for me thanks.


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