Another PGH Pre-Marathon Post #GameOnPGH!

I will soon be standing on the start line of my third Pittsburgh Marathon.  In other great news, the Pens have made round 2 (and have already won game 1) so hockey will be happening while we're there.  We are 3 for 3 on that!

Training has been so challenging. I've put in extra effort to get to not quite where I was at last year.  Things happen, I did not quit and I got my hills, speed, strength, cross training and long runs in except for the last one which I split for the first time ever.  For the last month I've been focusing on eating well, yoga and many many chiropractor visits.

  • Consistent and strong race  
  • Enjoy the course
  • Finish
If everything comes together I would like to run an average 7:20/km pace, a 5:10 marathon.  If everything comes apart, I know where the beer is.

I plan to run at an easy effort for the first 10k then keep my pace steady (except up Mount Forbes) and see what I have left after the downhill at mile 23.  I will walk through water stops to ensure I have enough hydration/fueling happening and run between them.  We can call that 'aid station intervals'.

Since I started running I have always been smitten with the marathon distance.  Running my third PGH 26.2 (my eighth overall) is going to be amazing and I can't wait.

Iceburgh will also be completing his third marathon.  He only runs in Pittsburgh.  Penguin of Steel?


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