Happy Trees, Cups and Dale Cooper

Happy Thursday! It's time to share some random thoughts in advance of the weekend (when I should be 100% focused on packing).  I'm joining Amanda over at Running With Spoons today.

For the last month I've cut out caffeine (prior to the race) and it's been rough.  I can barely function in the mornings/afternoons/generally.  I rarely take painkillers but I also cut those out so they have maximum impact on race day.  Quite a few people in the office no longer ask how I am in the morning and I am FINE with that.  So I guess there's an upside.

Twin Peaks is coming back on May 21st - it's the most exciting thing in the world ever.  I've been watching the original stuff and it's still magnificent.  I think this makes me old.  It will be intriguing to see where things go with the new series.

I'm going to need this for my desk 'kay?

One of the things I miss a little bit about living in the east of Canada is all the green.  We have been getting snow all week (nearly May, hello) and the trees have yet to get their leaves.  Visiting Pittsburgh will be amazing, they've already had some summer temps and I'm enjoying the flowers and foliage in people's running pictures.  SUMMER ME!

I've been getting cupping with acupuncture since 2013.  My massage therapist (yes, it takes a team of trained people to keep me running) ordered me a set of these at-home cups and I've been giving them a shot. The acupuncturist uses the glass cups and fire, these are a hard plastic with suction.  Definitely effective, however if I was having IT Band issues I would go back to a professional.  They aren't quite as good as glass, they're a little hard to keep stuck to your skin and the suction is not as strong.  I much prefer this over foam rolling for my legs.

And let's just leave this happy little picture here to brighten up our day.


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