Meowga at Calgary Humane Society

Yoga with kittens? Yes please. Calgary Humane Society offered a 20 person yoga class on Saturday morning to raise funds for the Society.  Brilliant!  We were surrounded by five 10 week old floofy little balls of energy.

We set out the mats and got ready, then the carrier arrived with little faces peeking out.  Hello kittens!

All five of our cats were adopted from CHS, this is one of the few times we've been in and not come home with a cat.

Seriously though, these little balls will have no trouble at all finding homes.

We did 60 minutes of restorative yoga, between that and the furballs it was an extremely therapeutic session.  You just had to be very careful of little things under your feet or bottom.

I took way too many pictures but just look at how floofy they are!

It was a wonderful session and I hope everyone immediately went downstairs after and adopted a Patient Paws kitty. Tess and Sia had both been waiting quite a long time for a home and they are just such a treat to have around.  With Meowga you get the best of everything - kittens to play with and grown up cats to go home to.


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