Rock n Roll #StripatNight LV Half Nov 12, 2017

It was going to be a very different race this year.

Sunday morning started out in our traditional way with breakfast across the street at Grand Lux (The Palazzo was too spendy so we stayed at TI) and a Steelers win.  We started walking up toward the new start area by NY NY at 2:15 and the Strip was already closed to traffic.  Pretty neat!

Security measures were certainly visible, all the main intersections were blocked off by trucks, garbage trucks or buses. The LVPD were up on raised platforms with rifles monitoring the area including the surrounding hotels and there were remote cameras placed throughout the course. 

We just had time to meet up with a couple of people before heading out to corrals.

Just one or two people....

I loved seeing T-Mobile arena, new and shiny home to Marc Andre Fleury.  We're definitely checking out a hockey game next time we're in town.  FYI we will be back in town 'soon'.

Getting into corrals was a mess, despite being clearly colour coded a few people were trying to get in the wrong one, arguing, then having to shove back out and there was no forward movement at all for half an hour.  When I finally got in I headed straight to the very back of the wave so I could get some space and breathe.

Race start

The start is dramatic with fire blasting out, and this year with a police helicopter circling low overhead.  The NY NY rollercoaster whizzes by occasionally leaving no doubt that we are in fabulous Las Vegas. It's a very special race and really quite remarkable that everyone was able to work together to hold it in 2017.  I think RnR, the city and 40,000 runners are doing a great thing to help LV heal.

The first 2.5 miles are respectfully quiet as we pass Mandalay, turnaround then go by our usual start and concert area, Las Vegas Village with Route 91 banners still visible over the RnR remembrance wall.  There are tributes to the 58 victims at the Las Vegas sign.

Everyone is silent through this area as we think about what happened 6 weeks ago.

As we approach the MGM everything bursts into life; lights, music, Elton John at the piano. Well not really him but it could be. I don't have time goals. Instead I take the chance to absorb every single detail of the Strip. Fountains, palm trees, lights, so many lights.  Hey! The Mirage volcano is erupting as I pass by - I can feel the heat from the other side of the road.

Aid stations are well stocked and it's absolutely amazing how many people are lining the street to watch the race.  I love running at night, the dark is immersive and I slide straight into my happy running place.

Let's go downtown.

It's a warm night already but there sure is a lot of fire on this course.  I shall call him Hugo.

Love love love hitting the edge of Fremont, so sparkly.  I'll never forget making the right turn off onto the marathon course here in 2015, today I'm very glad to be heading straight up the Strip.

It's a short 3 mile trip back up to the finish line at Mirage, above us there's an acrobat twirling around on a giant ball through lasers (because Vegas).  Done!  I think it's a personal worst but this is the first time I've looked at my watch and I really don't care.  

After collecting a medal, Pringles and chocolate milk I hit a bit of a bottleneck at the exit.  I'm maxed out on being squished by crowds after the corral debacle so I rapidly get out of the crush and wait for Kev to finish.

Typically enough he's on the opposite side from me but I spot his bright shirt and land a flying sweaty cuddle on him (you're welcome dear).  

Behold, our weekend hardware.

Both days of races went beautifully.  It would have been so much easier to cancel but I'm glad it went ahead (it needed to) and I'm glad I could be a part of it.  I have so much love for this town and this race.

This probably doesn't need an explanation....

*As a proud 2017 member of RocknBlog I was provided with a Tour Pass for race entry, all thoughts opinions, huge ass milkshakes and fun are entirely my own.


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