My 100th Race

May 5th 2019 in beautiful Pittsburgh, PA.

I was not actually tracking overall races but found my old running spreadsheet this week and decided to update it for fun (I might have been at work).  That was a bit of a project since I had noted weather info with each one (because of course I did).  I chose not to include virtuals and had a debate with the other half as to what should constitute a race.  We went with scheduled events with other racers and some combo of; official start/finish line, set start time, bib/racer #, medal, and/or timing.  Since 100 is spontaneously working out so well (I love Pittsburgh so hard) I will not be adding any other races before May 2019 to mess it up.  A few virtuals for training maybe, because they keep me going over the winter and don't count in my total.

I don't generally repeat marathon courses (especially ones with a bloody great hill) never mind for a fourth go around.  As you know Pittsburgh is marathon-worthy and unless a leg falls off I will be sticking with 26.2 every time.  Plus the 5k of course.

I have a ton of work ahead to get from here to another Runner of Steel title.  But I will earn it.

Race 100 is simply an extra reason to celebrate running, if you're getting out and doing this craziness for any reason I think every single run is a cause for celebration.  There are many days I feel I deserve cake just for getting my shoes on.


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