Rock n Roll Denver Expo & 5k October 20, 2018

Sunshine therapy!  I can't believe how magnificent the weather is for the entire weekend.  First stop on Friday afternoon is the Expo which involves some creative route finding as we are walking over from the train station.

The souvenirs are excellent except my little guitar pins/magnets are not there.  I compensate with a teddy.  I noticed RnR were doing these at some events through 2018 and I think it's fantastic.  Kev picks up a T and I get a new hat.

The Expo was much bigger than in SF, I was quite impressed.  This was a nice touch as we left.  

I had originally packed tights and pullovers for this trip before I realized it was actually going to be quite nice.  The sun always makes Denver feel warmer and the 5k starts well after sunrise.  I also forgot sunscreen which we had to scout around for en route to The Cheesecake Factory.

Both races start and finish in Civic Center Park (which is beautiful) and that makes life very easy when choosing a hotel.  We are about a 5 minute walk away, it's ideal.  

There are only 3 corrals for this race, I decide to start at the back of the fun one.  Look at all this blue sky.  

The route takes us through town away from the park and into residential areas.  So many trees, so many leaves.  It's a spectacular sunny fall day.  Breathing is just a bit more difficult than usual, we'll go with altitude as the cause.

After a few uphills on the way out, we get the benefit of downhills on the way back.  The finish is on the other side of the park and I can already hear the band playing.  Sadly there are no photographers to capture my exuberant and epic finish.  

Thank you to the awesome guy who took this for us.

Since the weather is basically perfect, we head over to collect a beer and enjoy the concert.  It's only 10 am and we have already earned our first medal of the weekend.  

The mile high step of the Capitol Building.  

*I was provided with a TourPass for race entry as a 2018 member of RocknBlog.  This gives me a good excuse to travel to interesting places.  All thoughts and opinions always my own.


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