Shoreditch Street Art

There was no plan.  Just 'take the Tube to Old Street and go right'.  If you are considering a Shoreditch tour I recommend being more organized than this.  Or not.  We had great fun with our off the cuff treasure hunt.  Spontaneity!

This is the first thing we saw, I do believe that's a Roa gopher keeping his head above the newer stuff.  The fascinating black and white figure is by Sheffield artist Phlegm.

After realizing just how spread out the art was, we decided Rivington St would be a good start.  I required a Banksy.  Hello Google search.

We spotted a Bambi first.  

Then Ben Eine.  Hard to miss really.

And legendary Banksy.  Here it is!  This one is protected by a sheet of hard plastic.  If you get a moment scroll through his outdoor collection it's some of the most powerful art I've ever seen.

Otto Schade.  And garbage.

Great Eastern St.  Note the little mushroom on the right.  Steve Powers 'Adore and Endure' has been there since 2010, it is part of his 'Love Letter' project with sister pieces in Philly and NY.  The old Jubilee line carriages and the containers they sit on have been converted to artists studios.

Beautiful colourful madness on Buxton St.  I could not begin to tell you who created all this.  If you know, leave a comment. 

'Oribble.'s rat and panda.  Queen by Smiler.  This is opposite the wall above.  Not only are we surrounded by paint, there's also a wide and intriguing range of pastes and sculptures to explore.  Some huge, some absolutely tiny.

On the huge scale this D*Face sculpture

The tiny.  Invader.  Adrian Boswell 'Broccoli'.  Jonesy's 'Pesticides'.

Banksy's pink car (inside protective box).  Ronzo's credit crunch monster.  A much larger Invader.  

More Invader. 

A large and intact Roa (crane).  Leaving is by BK Foxx, she freehands with spray paint which is pretty remarkable on such a large scale.

Another gorgeous Otto Schade.

Gregos.  I was determined to find one of these, he sculpts his own face and leaves them around the city.  J.ace created the top two.

All of this incredible art is illegal in Britain, the artists frequently go in undercover to add their work.

Mechanimal by Ardif on Princelet St.

Stik went from living in a shelter to having his art purchased by Elton John and Bono.  It's fantastic, I could spend all day searching for his stuff.

A close up of the left side of the doorway.  Masks by j.ace.  The red tile is by LdashD.

Another 'Oribble with colourful paint spatters underneath.

Clet Abraham.  These are fantastic, I believe he has just done a series of signs around Edinburgh.

Carleen De Sozer (left) and one in Dreph's 'You Are Enough' series featuring Myvanwy Evans.


Another mushroom by Christiaan Nagel.  These may have been my favourites, remember to look up!

We saw a lot and I'm certain we have a ton still to see.  This art is constantly changing, you never know what you might stumble on.  Some of the artists apparently enjoy watching how people react to their work so you never know who you might be standing next to either. 

We got the tube back from Aldgate East which made for about 5k of walking around.  Donuts at Borough Market seemed a fitting end to the day.

London you are so beautiful.


  1. Gorgeous! Love street art. Glad you found the Good Luck Buddha! (Just so you know, I decided I'm going to Scotland after watching Outlander. #obsessed. Not sure when ... maybe next year or the next lol)

    1. Nice! If you can combine it with Ireland it's a double win :) Let me know if you want any info/opinions on the Scottish things!


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