100 Races

This is what 100 races looks like!  99 and 100 were in Pittsburgh, we unexpectedly lost Sia right before going down so I was not in a place where I could even contemplate running, but it turns out running was exactly what I needed.  I wore the InB shirt I had made with her sweet little face on it for the 5k, she was such a beautiful little soul.

I've run in Hawaii, Scotland, England, Ireland, Pittsburgh, Detroit and LA - 10 US states total, plus Alberta and BC here in Canada.  Sometimes I'm amazed this all came from one snowy painful 5k in 2011.  I have run distances from 1 mile to 100k and the marathon is my favourite.  Marathons are sexy.

Time and time again I've realized I run for my mind.  Even with my race times currently getting slower, running is a lifeline.  I hope to get back to form eventually but in the meantime I recognize why I do this and how important it is that I do this.

The plan?  Just keep running.


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